How to get light or medium-duty towing in 3-minutes…

Light and medium duty towing. Whether you have a standard automobile, an SUV, or a motorcycle, we can handle your towing needs with ease. Any vehicle under ten thousand pounds falls under this category. Always keep in mind that our drivers have impeccable driving records.

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1. Your car dies and after our trained mechanic diagnoses the problem, he doesn’t have the part readily available. This can happen. Most problems can be solved on-site but if a part has to be custom ordered for any reason, our drivers are trained to carefully tow your vehicle to the proper destination. If you have a mechanic you trust, we’ll tow it there. If not, we can tow it and make the repair ourselves. If your car is under warranty, we’ll tow it to the dealership. Whatever you need, we are there to lighten your load and take care of you and your car.

2. We have both traditional tow trucks and flat bed trucks, depending on the type of car. From the moment you call our trained customer service agents, we begin evaluating your problem. The agent you call will ask what you are driving. This is not to be nosy or to pry, it is to determine which truck to dispatch to your location. A flat bed truck may be necessary for the following vehicles:

  • A four-wheel drive.
  • A sports car and is therefore low to the ground.
  • If your car has been lowered.
  • An expensive luxury car.
  • An SUV, minivan, or truck.
  • Long distances.

3. Our full fleet of trucks are available all day, all night, all weekend, and all holidays. You have enough worries about the potential damage to your car, whether it’s due to repairs or collision. Don’t worry about what time it is! We’re always there for you.

4. You’ve been in an accident and are not thinking clearly. We totally understand! Even the most trivial fender bender can leave you in a mild state of shock. Hopefully you have already programmed our phone number into your phone, so just call Las Vegas Towing and we’ll take care of the rest. Our understanding and patient customer service agent will quickly assess the situation and calm your nerves while already dispatching a tow truck to your location. Once the truck arrives, our trained driver will also serve to relax you while he efficiently takes care of your vehicle. He’ll assess the damage, ascertain where it needs to go, and help you in any way he can.

  • Tow to your insurance company to determine the damage.
  • Tow to our service department for a preliminary appraisal of the damage.
  • Tow to your body shop or one recommended by your insurance company.

5. Our drivers are always upgrading their expertise. We provide professional training for all our employees all the time. If there is any industry-sponsored instruction, our tow truck drivers are enrolled automatically to maintain the highest standard of knowledge in our industry. We strive to be the best and that means education as well as service.

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