How to get emergency towing in Las Vegas, NV…

Emergency Towing
No more shopping for a tow truck when you’re already in an emotionally frazzled state.

We are dedicated to providing the most timely and professional service for all your towing needs. Put Las Vegas Towing on your speed dial! You need never call around for the best price or fastest response in the area ever again. We guarantee you will be satisfied with our customer service, our road-side assistance, and our friendly staff.

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Emergency Towing

1. Whether you need to be towed because of a mechanical failure or a traffic accident, we will be there faster than any other towing company. While other companies may try to reach you “as soon as possible” (which could be hours), we usually arrive at your location in half an hour. We understand your mental and/or physical condition when you need a tow and we will be there when you need us!

2. Our staff. From our customer service representatives who answer your calls to the drivers, we pride ourselves on hiring only the best.

  • Our drivers have spotless driving records.
  • We employ only the most compassionate and knowledge people we can find to make your misadventure one that won’t cause nightmares that night. We understand that when our phone rings, you are in distress.
  • Our drivers know how upset you are and how this situation has at best, ruined your plans and at worst, left you alone at night and frightened.
  • Our trained customer service staff understands that every phone call they receive will be someone in trouble of one sort or another. Their job is two-fold. Their first task is calm your nerves and reassure you by being friendly, understanding, and empathetic. Their second duty is to dispatch a tow truck to your location as quickly as possible.
  • Our goal at Las Vegas Towing is to be the premier towing company in the state and we are quickly surpassing that goal. We want to completely redefine the towing industry based on our high standards.

3. Our vehicles. When you are stuck on the side of the road we have the most innovative tow trucks to save your vehicle safely and efficiently. It is common for towing companies to have less than the highest quality equipment on the market.

  • We are constantly upgrading to state-of-the-art tow trucks.
  • We know that your car is characteristically the second largest investment in your life. We respect that value and make sure to treat it with care so it maintains its value whatever the reason a tow is necessary.

4. Technology at its finest. At Las Vegas Towing we have not only invested in up-to-date vehicles but we have also modernized our customer service and trucks.

  • We have designed a specialized dispatch software to lessen the amount of time it takes to contact our truck which has proven to expedite the trip to your car.
  • All of our tow trucks have the most current GPS data terminals to quickly find you no matter where you are stranded. Even in the middle of the desert, we’ll find you quickly!

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