We provide specialty towing for Exotic cars, mobile homes and motorcycles…

Exotic cars, mobile homes, and motorcycles. Las Vegas towing understands that towing these types of vehicles takes special trucks and special care. You can rely on us to transport your baby safely and securely.

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1. The definition of an exotic car includes any of the following:

  • A top speed of one hundred forty miles per hour.
  • Has over 210 brake horse power (Bph).
  • Is worth more than its original asking price.
  • Has twin turbo chargers for the engine.
  • The model has won internationally known races.
  • Uses tires that are more than seven inches wide.
  • Was made in limited production of three thousand or fewer.
  • Is very rare in its own right regardless of numbers originally produced
  • Has been professionally, substantially modified in the performance department compared to more ordinary models of the same make.
  • Is or was originally a manufacturers prototype or concept car.
  • Is widely recognized as a dream car or a highly desirable classic.
  • Has been built using some or many light weight materials.
  • Is a Porsche, Lamborghini, or Ferrari.
  • Is considered to be an automotive icon of its year.
  • Is very expensive to run and maintain.
  • Was intended to have only two occupants or is a 2+2 coupe.

2. Need your mobile home transported? No problem! We do it all the time and do it efficiently and properly. We need to evaluate many factors on-site before we touch the home.

  • First we need to check the condition of the frame/chassis/ and the axle/axles for any degraded issues. We will repair or replace any defective parts on-site.
  • Ascertain the site. Is your mobile home on a slab or on pier blocks or on soil. One we know that, we can determine the best way to move it. If it’s on a slab, that will be the least expensive and most simple. However, even if it’s in soil, we can get the job done properly.
  • Your mobile home will very likely need new tires and/or wheels. Don’t worry. We’ll let you know and prepare it for safe towing.
  • We’ll check the existing towing apparatus to be sure it’s still strong enough to be pulled. If it isn’t, we’ll need to replace it.
  • We will provide any and all permits necessary for transportation.
  • We arrange for a security vehicle to escort the wide load.

3. Need to have your motorcycle transported safely? Las Vegas Towing is here for you. We know what it takes to tow your expensive motorcycle without damage.

  • It needs a specialized cradle to protect your bike.
  • We use winches to lift the motorcycle onto the flatbed truck.
  • We secure it by forks using nylon straps attached to ratchets.

Flatbed tow Trucks:

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